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Milking equipment - key benefits

Milking equipment allows you to provide the most necessary sanitary conditions for milk during milking. The fact is that milking using a vacuum milking machine minimizes the contact of milk with human hands and the environment. The device provides the movement of milk from the udder of the animal directly into the container. During milking, contamination in the form of manure, wool, dirt, which cause the development of bacteria and microorganisms, does not enter the milk. Therefore, in order for milk to pass quality control for mechanical and biological contamination, as well as to comply with specified standards, it is necessary to buy a milking machine.

The milking machine significantly speeds up the milking process - about 20 animals can be milked within an hour. The task of a person is only to wash the udder, connect and disconnect equipment. The device does all other tasks automatically. Thus, you significantly save your time and energy.

Dispelling myths about milking machines

  • It is energy-consuming - modern milking plants consume energy very economically, so their efficiency fully covers the cost of electricity.
  • It is very loud - during operation, the installation produces a minimum of noise and vibration. After the apparatus is connected for the first time, a cow or other animal very quickly gets used to this kind of milking, since it imitates manual milking.
  • It is very expensive - when selling the device has all the necessary equipment for full-fledged work. If you have broken or worn out some element from the components or need to replace the spare part, you do not need to buy a new device. "Byrenka" promptly send the necessary spare parts to anywhere in Ukraine.

Milking machine and its price - what does it depend on?

"Byrenka" is a direct manufacturer of devices, so the price for them is comfortable for you. The cost of the kit is 70% of the milking unit, that is, the pump. The remaining 30% of the cost is affected by the material from which the components are made, the presence of functions and technical characteristics of the device.


We make every effort to ensure that you get exactly the devices that best match your request. It is for you that we individually select the milking machine, the price of which is completely justified by the high efficiency of the device.

Move to a new level of quality easily with "Byrenka"!

Milking machines Burenka and Birch for cows, Squirrel for goats and sheep, as well as all the necessary spare parts and accessories always in stock. A wide range of devices with a variety of accessories and characteristics will allow you to make a choice according to individual preferences and within the allocated budget. But how to choose exactly what you need in such a variety of products offered?

We will help to understand this.

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