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Сепаратор-сливкоотделитель «Мотор Сич 100-15» Expand

"Motor Sich 100-15" cream separator



"Motor Sich 100-15" cream separator (metal+polypropylene) is designed to separate whole milk into cream and skimmed milk with simultaneous cleaning from contamination.

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3 700,00 грн

The Motor Sich-100 separator is designed to separate high-fat milk into skim milk and cream, while cleaning out impurities. The Motor Sich separator can process up to 100 litres of milk in 1 hour. A bowl of 12 litre milk can be used to fill a minimum of 6 litre, which is 50% of the bowl. For best results, the milk is heated to 40-50° and then poured into the bowl of the separator while it is turning. At the same time the cream is separated from the milk in the cream separator. The separator has two drain tubes - one for the cream and one for skimmed milk. They are differentiated by volume, the cream flow is much thinner.The separator works by the rapid rotation of the drum, in which a centrifugal force acts on the milk, ensuring that the milk is separated. The drum in domestic separators runs at over 10,000 revolutions per minute. This quickly separates the milk into 2 parts: skim milk and fat milk. 

Technical characteristics:
Milk capacity, l/h, max. 100
Drum speed, rpm10500
Number of plates in the drum, pcs.10-12
Milk tank capacity, l12
Fat content of the slurry, max.0,05
Adjustment range for volume ratios
cream-to-feedback ratios
1:4 - 1:10
Electricity consumption, kWh, max0,120
Overall dimensions, mm:
- bowl diameter365
- height520
Weight, max. kg6
Manufacturer:Motor Sich
Country of manufacture:Ukraine 
Type:cream separator 
Case material:polypropylene
Sludge discharge: automatic continuous 
Pack size:
Weight:6 кг
Height:40 см
Width:25 см
Length:40 см