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Лопатка графитовая 50х45х5 (сухой насос) Expand

Graphite blade 50x45x5 (dry pump)



The graphite shovel 50x45x5 is designed for dry-running rotary pumps with a slot size of 50x45x5 mm.

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140,00 грн

The graphite blade 50x45x5 is designed to fit into dry rotary pumps with a slot size of 50x45x5 mm. The 50x45x5 mm graphite blade is manufactured from a composite material that is based on graphite and a special fibre. This composition makes the plate less fragile and more resistant to wear.
To replace and lapping the graphite blades: - unscrew the 3 bolts on the pump (5 mm hex);
- remove pump cover;
- replace the old plates with new ones, having cleaned the working part from dust and dirt;
- for lapping a sheet of abrasive paper 400 20x20 cm in size is needed. Cover the working part of the pump with it, press it against the pump cover and run the pump for 2-3 seconds. The vanes will rub down to the correct size and may need to be repeated if necessary;
- close pump cover, screw in place.
Country of manufacturer - Ukraine.
Manufacturer - Burenka.