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Reduced price! Доильный аппарат Буренка-2 стандарт 3000 масляный Expand

Oil Milking machine "Byrenka-2 standard"


Oil Milking machine "Byrenka-2 standard" is designed for milking 1 to 20 cows per hour. Complete with a 3000 rpm rotary oil type vacuum unit and two 20 litre aluminium milk cans with robust polypropylene cups, polypropylene lids on the cans and standard 140 cm2 collectors. 

More details

  • Polypropylene (plastic)
  • Combined (plastic + metal)
  • Stainless (metal)
  • Rubber (black, replacement 6 months.)
  • Silicone (transparent, replacement 2 years)
  • Standard 140 cm3 (plastic)
  • Increased 240 cm3 (plastic, soft milking)
  • Polypropylene (plastic)
  • Aluminum (metal)
  • Push pull (synchronous)
  • Pairwise (manual milking imitation) / Bucket lid transparent
  • No oil
  • Capacity 1 l
  • без БЗН
  • с БЗН

12 800,00 грн

13 050,00 грн

-250,00 грн

Oil Milking machine "Byrenka-2 standard"

Oil Milking machine "Byrenka-2 standard" is designed for milking 1 to 20 cows per hour. Complete with a 3000 rpm rotary oil type vacuum unit and two 20 litre aluminium milk cans with robust polypropylene cups, polypropylene lids on the cans and standard 140 cm2 collectors. 

General characteristics:

  • Type of milking machine: stationary with mobile vacuum unit;
  • Recommended continuous working time: 90 minutes, rest 40 minutes;
  • Working temperature of the pump: 80-90°C;
  • Recommended capacity: 20 cows per hour;
  • Simultaneous milking: 2 cows;
  • Milking time of one cow: 6-8 minutes;
  • Material of milk tank: aluminium;
  • Milk tank capacity: 20 litres;
  • Material of milking cups: polypropylene;
  • Milk tank lid material: polypropylene.

Technical specifications:

  • Vacuum pump: Rotary vane oil pump;
  • Number of plates: 2 pcs;
  • Plate material: Textolite;
  • Electric power: 0.75 kW;
  • Electricity supply: single-phase 220V;
  • Max. vacuum pressure: 0.09 mPa (90 kPa);
  • Volume of pumped air at idle speed: 220 l/min (7m3/hr);
  • Shaft speed: 3000 rpm; Speed of shaft rotation.

"The Burenka-2 Standard 3000" oil milking machine is designed for domestic use and consists of two main parts: the vacuum unit (1) two milking buckets (2) with milking equipment (3).

They are placed separately from each other and connected by a 2 m long vacuum hose. This design allows the hose to be extended up to 10 m, making it possible to move the vacuum unit to another room or to the required distance from the cow.

The milking unit needs a permanent and stable working vacuum which is created by a vacuum pump.

The vacuum system of the milking machine consists of an electric motor and a rotary oil pump, which is mounted on the motor shaft without any couplings or pulleys. This construction makes the milking machine small and compact, but at the same time powerful and highly productive.

The rotary oil vacuum pump with natural air cooling is designed to generate the vacuum required for normal milking machine operation and productive milking of cows. It is easy to start and work in cold weather and does not freeze, unlike oil pumps of the circulating oil type, as it uses a drip oil supply.

Inside the vacuum pump there is a rotating rotor (1), inside which the textolite blades (2) move freely. In order to create a vacuum and to ensure that the vanes adhere tightly to the pump walls, vacuum oil is applied by means of a drip oiler. As the rotor rotates, the vanes move in the grooves, changing the displacement volume in the chamber. At suction the volume increases, creating a vacuum between the vanes, and when the volume between the vanes decreases, the pressure increases and air escapes through the silencer, which separates the waste oil and discharges it into a collecting sump.

The milking machine works thanks to a two-stroke milking system (compression and suckling) with a pulse rate of (65±5) pulses per minute and the use of milking cups.

The two-dimensional design of the milking cups consists of two chambers:

The outer one, which is between the teat rubber and the inside of the milking cup, and connects to the pulsator via the manifold distributor;
The inner one is inside the liners and connects to the collector to collect and expel milk to the milking bucket. The inner chamber maintains a stable vacuum in the 47 to 52 kPa range.
The outer chamber is alternately filled with vacuum and air using a pulsator, which causes the liners to pulsate. In sucking mode there is a constant vacuum in the outer and inner chambers of the teat, which causes the milk to flow out of the udder. In compression mode, atmospheric pressure enters the outer chamber and the liners are compressed, squeezing the teat.


Complete with milking machine:

1. 20 litre aluminium milking bucket. -2 pcs.
2. PVC milk hose 2 m long. - 2pc.

3. Milk bucket lid gasket with sealing skirt -2pc.

4. Polypropylene milking bucket lid -2pc.

5. Polypropylene tees and elbows.

6. Vacuum hose 11x23 length 2 m. -2pc.

7. Pulsator non-adjustable two-stroke. -2pc.

8. Vacuum tube 7x14, length 2 m. -2pc.

9. Plastic manifold 140 cm3.

10. Rubber nipple rubber - 4 pcs.

11. Polypropylene clamp - 4 pieces.

12. Transparent 7x14 vacuum tube - 2 m length.

13. Polypropylene milking cup - 4 pcs.

14. Rinsing nozzles 1 set (two short and one long).

15. Technical documentation and passport with warranty card.

Complete with vacuum unit:

1. Rotary oil type vacuum pump with two textolite plates and a 0.75 kW electric motor at 3000 rpm. Supplied with switch-off button and 2m electric cable with grounding plug.

2. High efficiency filter silencer.

3. metal frame with retractable handle and 3 litre air reservoir. 4.

4. Plastic wheel - 2 pcs,

5. Transparent receiver cover with gasket - 2 pcs,

6. Vacuum regulator.

7. Vacuum gauge.

8. Corner with transparent hose for connecting the pump to the receiver.

Mass dimensions:

Vacuum unit:
- Box size: 56x39x42 cm;

- Weight: 26kg.

Milking bucket:
- Box size: 30x30x50 cm;

- Weight: 7 kg.

Country of manufacturer - Ukraine

Manufacturer - Byrenka


Производительность1-20 коровы
LinerRubber (black)
Teatcup ShellPolypropylene (plastic)
Milking ClawStandard 140 cm3 (plastic)
Bucket LidPolypropylene (plastic)
Milking systemPush pull (synchronous)
Pump Protection Unitwithout BZN (without protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed3000 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpTextolite - 2pcs
Pump typeOil rotary
Гарантия24 месяца
Доставка/ОплатаДоставка до 5 дней/Оплата при получении
ПредназначениеДля коров