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Доильный аппарат Буренка-2 стандарт 1500 Expand

Milking machine Byrenka-2 standard 1500



Доильный аппарат "Буренка-2 стандарт 1500" предназначен для эксплуатации в бытовых условиях и обслуживания от 1 до 20 коров. Укомплектован вакуумной установкой на 1500 об/мин сухого роторного типа с увеличенным сроком службы и двумя 20 литровыми алюминиевыми молочными бидонами с прочными полипропиленовыми стаканами, полипропиленовыми крышками на бидонах и стандартными коллекторами на 140 см2. 

More details

  • Polypropylene (plastic)
  • Combined (plastic + metal)
  • Stainless (metal)
  • Rubber (black, replacement 6 months.)
  • Silicone (transparent, replacement 2 years)
  • Standard 140 cm3 (plastic)
  • Increased 240 cm3 (plastic, soft milking)
  • Stainless 140 cm3 (metal)
  • Polypropylene (plastic)
  • Aluminum (metal)
  • Aluminum 20 L
  • Push pull (synchronous)
  • Pairwise (manual milking imitation) / Bucket lid transparent
  • without BZN (without protection of the pump from moisture)
  • with BZN (protection of the pump from moisture)
  • Without detergent
  • With detergent

8 950,00 грн

Milking machine "Burenka-2 standard 1500"

Milking machine "Burenka-2 standard 1500" is designed for domestic use and maintenance from 1 to 20 cows. It is equipped with a vacuum unit for 1500 rpm of a dry rotary type with an extended service life and two 20 liter aluminum milk cans with strong polypropylene cups, polypropylene lids on the cans and standard collectors per 140 cm2.

General Features:

  • Milking machine type: stationary with a mobile vacuum unit;
  • Recommended time for continuous work: 120 minutes, rest 40 minutes;
  • Pump working temperature: 80-90 ° C;
  • Recommended performance: 20 cows;
  • Simultaneous milking: 2 cows;
  • Milking time per cow: 6-8 minutes;
  • Milk tank material: aluminum;
  • Dairy tank capacity: 20 liters;
  • Milking cup material: polypropylene;
  • Milk tank cover material: polypropylene.


    • Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;
    • Number of plates: 4 pieces;
    • Plate material: graphite;
    • Electrical power: 0.55 kW;
    • Power supply: 220V single-phase network;
    • Maximum vacuum pressure: 0.08 MPa (80 kPa);
    • Volume of pumped air at idle: 220 l / min (7m3 / h);
    • Shaft rotation speed: 1500 rpm.

      Milking machine "Burenka-2 standard 1500" is intended for use in domestic conditions and consists of two main parts: a vacuum unit (1) two milk buckets (2) with milking equipment (3).

      They are placed separately from each other and are connected by a vacuum hose 2 m long. This design allows the hose to be extended up to 10 m, this makes it possible to move the vacuum unit to another room or to the required distance from the cow.

      A milking machine requires a constant and stable working vacuum, which is created using a vacuum pump.

      The vacuum unit of the milking machine consists of an electric motor and a dry rotary pump that is installed on the motor shaft without any couplings or pulleys. Such a structure of the milking machine makes it small and compact, but at the same time powerful and highly productive.

      Vacuum pump of a dry rotary type with natural air cooling is designed to create a vacuum of vacuum necessary for normal operation of the milking machine and productive milking of cows. It easily starts and runs in the cold season, and does not freeze, unlike oil-type pumps.

      Inside the vacuum pump there is a rotating rotor (1), inside which graphite vanes (2) move freely. During the rotation of the rotor blades move in grooves, changing the working volume in the chamber. During suction there is an increase in volume, which creates a vacuum between the blades, and with a decrease in the volume between them, the pressure increases, and the air escapes through the muffler.

      The milking machine works thanks to the push-pull milking system (compression and sucking) with a pulsation frequency (65 ± 5) pulses per minute and using milking cups.

      The two-dimensional design of teat cups consists of two cameras:

      • The outer, which is located between the nipple rubber and the inside of the teat cup, and is connected to the pulsator via the manifold distributor;
      • The inner one, which is located inside the nipple rubber and connects to the collector to collect and discharge milk into the milking bucket. In the inner chamber a stable vacuum is maintained in the range from 47 to 52 kPa.

        Vacuum and air are alternately applied to the outer chamber with the help of a pulsator, which causes pulsation of the nipple rubber. In the suckingmode there is a permanent vacuum in the outer and inner chambers of the teat cup, under its influence the milk flows from the udder. In the compression mode, atmospheric pressure enters the outer chamber and the nipple rubber contracts, pinching the nipple.

        Completion of the milking machine:

        1. Aluminum milking bucket on 20 l. -2 pcs.

        2. PVC milk hose with a length of 4 m.

        3. Laying the lid of the milking bucket with sealing skirt -2pc.

        4. Polypropylene milking bucket lid -2 pcs.

        5. Polypropylene tees and corners.

        6. Vacuum hose 11x23 with a length of 4 m.

        7. Pulsator unregulated push-pull. -2pcs.

        8. Vacuum tube 7x14, length 4 m.

        9. Plastic collector 140 cm3 -2 pcs.

        10. Rubber rubber liners - 8 pcs.

        11. Polypropylene clip - 8 pcs.

        12. Vacuum tube 7x14 transparent, 2 m long.

        13. Polypropylene teat cup - 8 pcs.

        14. Brushes for washing 1 set (two short and one long).

        15. Technical documentation and passport with warranty card.

        Complete set of vacuum unit:

        1. Dry rotary vacuum pump with four graphite plates, and an electric motor with a capacity of 0.55 kW and a speed of 1500 rev / min. It is equipped with an off button and a 2 m long electric cable with a grounding plug.

        2. Muffler increased efficiency.

        3. Metal frame with retractable handle and receiver 3 l.

        4. Plastic wheel - 2 pcs.,

        5. Transparent receiver cover with gasket - 2 pcs.,

        6. Vacuum regulator.

        7. Vacuum meter.

        8. Corner with a transparent hose to connect the pump to the receiver.

        Bulk dimensions:

        • Vacuum unit:

          - box size: 56x39x42 cm;

          - Weight: 26 kg.

          • Milking bucket:

            - box size: 30x30x50 cm;

            - Weight: 7 kg.

            Country of origin - Ukraine

            Manufacturer - Burenka

Teatcup ShellPolypropylene (plastic)
LinerRubber (black)
Milking ClawStandard 140 cm3 (plastic)
Bucket LidPolypropylene (plastic)
Milking systemPush pull (synchronous)
Pump Protection Unitwithout BZN (without protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed1500 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpGraphite - 4pcs
Pump typeDry rotary

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 Milking machine Byrenka-2 standard 1500

Milking machine Byrenka-2 standard 1500