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Доильный аппарат Буренка-1 макси 3000 Expand

Milking machine Byrenka-1 maxi 3000

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Milking machine "Byrenka-1 maxi 3000" is designed for domestic use and maintenance from 1 to 5 cows. It is equipped with a dry rotor type installation at 3000 rpm and one 20 liter aluminum milk can with stainless steel cups, an aluminum lid on the can, an increased collector by 240 cm2 and a Pump Protection Unit against ingress of milk and water.

More details

  • Stainless (metal)
  • Rubber (black, replacement 6 months.)
  • Silicone (transparent, replacement 2 years)
  • Increased 240 cm3 (plastic, soft milking)
  • Stainless 140 cm3 (metal)
  • Aluminum (metal)
  • Aluminum 20 L
  • Push pull (synchronous)
  • Pairwise (manual milking imitation) / Bucket lid transparent
  • with BZN (protection of the pump from moisture)
  • without PDU (without remote control)
  • with PDU (with remote control)
  • Without detergent
  • With detergent

7 600,00 грн

The milking machine "Burenka-1 maxi 3000"

The milking machine "Burenka-1 maxi 3000" is intended for domestic use and maintenance from 1 to 5 cows. Equipped with a 3000 rpm dry type rotary dry type installation with a Pump Protection Unit against ingress of milk and water and one 20 liter aluminum milk can with stainless steel cups, an aluminum can cover, an enlarged collector 240 cm2 and a Pump Protection Unit against ingress of milk and water .

Main advantages:

  • Pump dry rotary type
  • Aluminum Milking Bucket
  • Stainless teat cups
  • Aluminum Milking Bucket Cover

General characteristics:

  • Type of milking machine: stationary with a mobile vacuum unit;
  • Recommended time of continuous work: 60 minutes, rest 40 minutes;
  • Pump operating temperature: 80-90 ° С;
  • Recommended performance: 5 cows;
  • Simultaneous milking: 1 cow;
  • Milk time per cow: 6-8 minutes;
  • Milk tank material: aluminum;
  • Capacity of a dairy tank: 20 l .;
  • Milking cup material: stainless steel;
  • Milk tank cover material: aluminum.


  • Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;
  • Pump material: cast iron;
  • Engine winding material: copper;
  • Number of plates: 2 pcs .;
  • Plate material: graphite;
  • Electric power: 0.75 kW;
  • Power supply: single-phase network 220V;
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: 0.06 MPa (60 kPa);
  • The volume of pumped air at idle: 220 l / min (7m3 / h);
  • Shaft rotation speed: 3000 rpm

Milking machine complete set:

1. Aluminum milking bucket on 20 liters.
2. PVC milk hose with a length of 2 m.
3. Gasket lid milking bucket with sealing skirt.
4. Aluminum milking bucket lid.
5. Polypropylene tee and corner.
6. Vacuum hose 11x23 with a length of 2 m.
7. Pulsator unregulated push-pull.
8. Vacuum tube 7x14, length 2 m.
9. Plastic enlarged collector 240 cm3.
10. Rubber nipple rubber - 4 pcs.
11. Polypropylene clip - 4 pcs.
12. Vacuum tube 7x14 transparent, 1 m long.
13. Stainless steel teat cup - 4 pcs.
14. Brushes for washing 1 set (two short and one long).
15. Technical documentation and passport with warranty card.

Complete set of vacuum unit:

1. Vacuum pump of dry rotary type with two graphite plates, and an electric motor with a capacity of 0.75 kW and a number of revolutions of 3000 rpm. It is equipped with an off button and a 2 m long electric cable with a grounding plug.
2. Muffler increased efficiency.
3. Metal frame with retractable handle and 3-liter receiver.
4. Plastic wheel - 2 pcs.,
5. Transparent receiver cover with gasket - 2 pcs.,
6. Vacuum regulator.
7. Vacuum gauge.
8. Corner with a transparent hose to connect the pump to the receiver.
9. Block of protection of the pump against ingress of water and milk.

Overall dimensions:

Vacuum installation:
- Box size: 56x39x42 cm;
- Weight: 23 kg.
Milking bucket:
- Box size: 30x30x50 cm;
- Weight: 7 kg.

Country of origin - Ukraine

Manufacturer - Burenka

Teatcup ShellStainless (metal)
LinerRubber (black)
Milking ClawIncreased 240 cm3 (plastic)
Bucket LidAluminum (metal)
Milking systemPush pull (synchronous)
Pump Protection Unitwith BZN (protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed3000 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpGraphite - 2pcs
Pump typeDry rotary
Гарантия12 месяцев
Доставка/ОплатаДоставка до 5 дней/Оплата при получении


На коллекторе через 3 дня использования, появилась маленькая дырочка, через которую просачивается молоко.


    Хороший аппарат

    Корову доит быстро. За 8 месяцев работы никаких проблем не было, собираемся менять резинки, а то потрескались немного. Спасибо!


      Защита насоса от молока

      Покупал аппарат макси с защитой насоса. очень полезная и нужная вещь, два раза спасала насос от попадания молока. очень рекомендую обратить внимание на нее при покупке аппарата. Спасибо!

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         Milking machine Byrenka-1 maxi 3000

        Milking machine Byrenka-1 maxi 3000

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