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Dry Milking machine "Byrenka-1 euro"


Dry Milking machine "Byrenka-1 euro" is intended for domestic use and serves from 1 to 5 cows. The machine is equipped with a 3000 rpm dry rotary vacuum unit and one 20 litre aluminium milk bucket with stainless steel cups, a sturdy transparent lid on the bucket and a paired milking system for softer milking with a hand milking simulation.

More details

  • Stainless (metal)
  • Rubber (black, replacement 6 months.)
  • Silicone (transparent, replacement 2 years)
  • Polycarbonate (transparent)
  • Pairwise (manual milking imitation) / Bucket lid transparent
  • без БЗН
  • с БЗН

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Dry Milking machine "Byrenka-1 euro"

Dry Milking machine "Byrenka-1 euro" is intended for domestic use and maintenance from 1 to 5 cows. Equipped with a dry rotor type installation at 3000 rpm and one 20 liter aluminum milk can with stainless steel cups, a solid transparent lid on the can and a pairing milking system for softer milking with imitation of manual milking.

Main advantages:

  • Dry rotary pump
  • Aluminium Milking Bucket
  • Stainless teat cups
  • Polycarbonate lid for milking bucket

General characteristics:

  • Type of milking machine: stationary with a mobile vacuum unit;
  • Recommended continuous working time: 60 minutes, rest 40 minutes;
  • Working temperature of the pump: 80-90 ° С;
  • Recommended productivity: 5 cows;
  • Simultaneous milking: 1 cow;
  • Milking time per cow: 6-8 minutes;
  • Milk tank material: aluminium;
  • Milk tank capacity: 20 l .;
  • Milking cup material: stainless steel;
  • Milk tank cover material: polycarbonate.


  • Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;
  • Pump material: cast iron;
  • Engine winding material: copper;
  • Number of plates: 2 pcs .;
  • Plate material: graphite;
  • Electric power: 0.75 kW;
  • Power supply: 220V single-phase;
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: 0.06 MPa (60 kPa);
  • The volume of pumped air at idle: 220 l / min (7m3 / h);
  • Shaft rotation speed: 3000 rpm

Milking unit is included:

1. Aluminum milking bucket on 20 liters.
2. PVC milk hose with a length of 2 m.
3. Gasket lid milking bucket with sealing skirt.
4. Polycarbonate lid of the milking bucket.
5. Polypropylene tee and corner.
6. Vacuum hose 11x23 with a length of 2 m.
7. Pulsator adjustable pairwise.
8. Vacuum tube 7x14, length 2 m.
9. Plastic pair collector 240 cm3.
10. Rubber nipple  - 4 pcs.
11. Polypropylene clamp - 4 pcs.
12. Vacuum tube 7x14 transparent, length 1 m.
13. Stainless steel teat cup - 4 pcs.
14. Brushes for washing 1 set (two short and one long).
15. Technical documentation and passport with warranty card.

Complete set of vacuum unit:

1. Dry rotary vacuum pump with two graphite plates and a 0.75 kW electric motor at 3000 rpm. It is equipped with a switch-off button and a 2 m long electric cable with earthing plug.
2. High efficiency silencer.
3. Metal frame with retractable handle and 3-liter receiver.
4. Plastic wheel - 2 pcs.,
5. Transparent receiver cover with gasket - 2 pcs.,
6. Vacuum regulator.
7. Vacuum gauge.
8. Corner with a transparent hose to connect the pump to the receiver.

Overall dimensions:

Vacuum installation:
- The size of the box: 56x39x42 cm;
- Weight: 23 kg.
 Milking bucket:
- The size of the box: 30x30x50 cm;
- Weight: 7 kg.

Country of origin - Ukraine

Manufacturer - Burenka

Производительность1-5 коровы
LinerRubber (black)
Teatcup ShellStainless (metal)
Milking ClawIncreased 240 cm3 (plastic)
Bucket LidPolycarbonate (transparent plastic)
Milking systemPair (imitation manual milking) / Can lid polycarbonate
Pump Protection Unitwithout BZN (without protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed3000 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpGraphite - 2pcs
Pump typeDry rotary
Гарантия24 месяца
Доставка/ОплатаДоставка до 5 дней/Оплата при получении
ПредназначениеДля коров