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Reduced price!  Milking machine Byrenka-1 euro 3000 oil Expand

Oil Milking machine "Byrenka-2 euro"


  • Stainless (metal)
  • Rubber (black, replacement 6 months.)
  • Silicone (transparent, replacement 2 years)
  • Polycarbonate (transparent)
  • Pairwise (manual milking imitation) / Bucket lid transparent
  • No oil
  • Capacity 1 l
  • без БЗН
  • с БЗН

15 300,00 грн

15 550,00 грн

-250,00 грн

Производительность1-20 коровы
LinerRubber (black)
Teatcup ShellStainless (metal)
Milking ClawIncreased 240 cm3 (plastic)
Bucket LidPolycarbonate (transparent plastic)
Milking systemPair (imitation manual milking) / Can lid polycarbonate
Pump Protection Unitwithout BZN (without protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed3000 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpTextolite - 2pcs
Pump typeOil rotary
Гарантия24 месяца
Доставка/ОплатаДоставка до 5 дней/Оплата при получении
ПредназначениеДля коров