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Reduced price! Доильный аппарат Белка-1 1500 Expand

Dry Milking machine "Bilka-1"


Dry Milking machine "Bilka-1" is designed to service from 1 to 20 goats per hour, equipped with a vacuum pump on a frame with an air receiver and an imported aluminum milk can on 20 liters, durable, transparent cups with silicone nipple rubber and polypropylene lid on the can.

More details

  • Polypropylene (plastic)
  • Silicone (transparent, replacement 2 years)
  • Polypropylene (plastic)
  • Aluminum (metal)
  • Aluminum 20 L

11 900,00 грн

12 150,00 грн

-250,00 грн

Dry Milking machine "Bilka-1" milking machine is designed for use in the home or on small farms, and is designed to milk from 1 to 20 goats per hour. 

The dry-running rotary vacuum pump is easy to start in cold weather, simple to operate, easy to maintain and has undergone several technical upgrades, making it much more powerful and at the same time quieter than its predecessor. The vacuum pump is mounted on a handy mobile frame with two sturdy rubber wheels, which makes it easy to move the milking machine together with the milking bucket in the right direction.  

Milking a goat is the most labour-intensive and complex process. Milking accounts for more than half of the labour costs of maintaining goats. Milk produced by hand is mechanically and bacterially contaminated. Hand milking causes occupational hand disease for the milkmaids due to the large number of repetitive movements. The use of a milking machine will produce clean milk, drastically increase labour productivity and reduce the cost of milk. 

By buying the milking machine "Belka-1" you invest in your and your goat's health, improve milk quality, save time on goat maintenance and enjoy using quality milking equipment.

General information:

  • Machine type: mobile;
  • Maximum capacity of 20 goats per hour;
  • Simultaneous milking of 1 goat;
  • Material of milk tank: aluminium;
  • Capacity of the milk tank: 20 l;
  • Type of teat cups: plastic;
  • Milk tank lid: polypropylene;
  • Chassis design: wheeled trolley;

The vacuum installation of the milking machine consists of an electric motor and a dry rotary pump, which is mounted on the motor shaft without any couplings or pulleys. This construction makes the milking unit small and compact, but powerful and high yielding.

The air-cooled dry rotary vacuum pump is designed to produce the vacuum needed for smooth milking machine operation and productive milking of cows. It is easy to start and work in cold weather and does not freeze, unlike oil pumps.

Inside the vacuum pump there is a rotating rotor (1), inside which the graphite vanes (2) move freely. As the rotor rotates, the vanes move in the grooves, changing the working volume in the chamber. During suction, the volume increases, creating a vacuum between the blades; when the volume between the blades decreases, the pressure increases and the air escapes through the silencer. 

Complete with vacuum unit:

1. Dry rotary vacuum pump with four graphite plates, 0.55 kW electric motor, 1500 rpm. Supplied with switch-off button and 2 m electric cable with grounding plug.

2. High efficiency silencer.

Technical specifications:   

  • Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;
  • Number of plates: 4 pcs;
  • Plate material: Graphite;
  • Electric power: 0.55 kW;
  • Electricity supply: 220V single-phase;
  • Max. vacuum pressure: 0.08 mPa (80 kPa);
  • Volume of pumped air at idle speed: 220 l/min (7m3/hour);
  • Shaft speed: 1500 rpm.

Mass dimensions:

- Size: 62x98x108 cm;

- Weight: 39 kg.

Country of manufacturer - Ukraine

Manufacturer - Burenka

Для коз1-20 коз
LinerSilicone (transparent)
Teatcup ShellPolypropylene (plastic)
Bucket LidPolypropylene (plastic)
Milking systemPair (imitation manual milking) / Can lid polycarbonate
Pump Protection Unitwithout BZN (without protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed1500 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpGraphite - 4pcs
Pump typeDry rotary
Гарантия24 месяца
Доставка/ОплатаДоставка до 5 дней/Оплата при получении
ПредназначениеДля коз и овец