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Reduced price! Доильная установка ДУ-1500 в сборе на каркасе Expand

Vacuum pump "DU-1500" assembled on the frame


Vacuum pump"DU-1500" assembled on the frame mounted dry rotary milking machine designed to produce the vacuum needed for productive milking of cows.

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Vacuum pump"DU-1500" assembled on the frame

Vacuum pump"DU-1500" assembled on the frame of dry rotary type with natural air cooling is designed to create vacuum vacuum required for normal operation of the milking unit and productive milking of cows. The four-blade dry rotary vacuum pump with power of 0.55 kW and shaft speed of 1500 rpm is mounted on a handy frame with wheels, extension handle, vacuum receiver, vacuum gauge and vacuum regulator.

The vacuum installation of the milking machine consists of an electric motor and a dry rotary pump, which is mounted on the motor shaft without any couplings or pulleys. This construction makes the milking machine small and compact, but at the same time powerful and highly productive. It is easy to start and work in cold weather and does not freeze, unlike oil pumps.

Inside the vacuum pump there is a rotating rotor (1), inside which the graphite vanes (2) move freely. As the rotor rotates, the vanes move in the grooves, changing the working volume in the chamber. During milking, the volume increases, creating a vacuum between the blades; when the volume between the blades decreases, the pressure increases and the air escapes through the silencer. 

Complete with vacuum unit:

1. Dry rotary vacuum pump with four graphite plates, 0.55 kW electric motor, 1500 rpm. Supplied with switch-off button and 2 m electric cable with grounding plug.

2. High efficiency silencer.
3. metal frame with retractable handle and 3L compressed air reservoir.
4. Plastic wheel - 2 pieces,
5. Transparent receiver cap with gasket - 2 pcs,
6. Vacuum regulator.
7. Vacuum gauge.
8. Corner with transparent hose for connecting the pump to the receiver.

Technical specifications:

Доильная установка Буренка-1 1500

Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;

  • Number of plates: 4 pcs;
  • Plate material: Graphite;
  • Electric power: 0.55 kW;
  • Electricity supply: 220V single-phase;
  • Max. vacuum pressure: 0.08 mPa (80 kPa);
  • Volume of pumped air at idle speed: 220 l/min (7m3/hour);
  • Shaft speed: 1500 rpm.

Mass dimensions:

- size of a box - 56х39х42 см

- weight - 26 kg

Country of manufacturer - Ukraine

Manufacturer - Byrenka

Pump Protection Unitwithout BZN (without protection against moisture)
Shaft rotation speed1500 rpm
Number of plates in the pumpGraphite - 4pcs
Pump typeDry rotary
Гарантия12 месяцев
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