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Milking equipment EURO



The EURO milking unit is equipped with stainless steel cups, paired collector and pulsator, milk and vacuum hoses.

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3 350,00 грн

EURO milking unit with stainless steel cups, rubber nipple , clamps, paired collector and pulsator, 2 m milk and vacuum hoses connected by rings and can be used to complete any milking unit for cows.

The kit does not include a lid of the milking can, a corner for attaching the milk pipe to the canister lid and a tee for connecting the vacuum hose and the pulsator to the system.


The kit doesn't include a milking bucket, the bucket lid, an angle for connecting the milk pipe to the bucket lid and a tee for connecting the vacuum hose and pulsator to the system.
A special three-pronged bidon cover may be required to install this milking equipment.